On-Demand Personal Assistant to Run Your Daily Tasks.

With Clevertone, you have a dedicated team of real individuals ready to assist you in accomplishing everything on your plate. Whether it's meal planning for finicky eaters, addressing those lingering home repairs, finding the perfect summer camps for your kids, or simply making sure you don't overlook your own needs, Clevertone is the key to thriving families.

Prioritize your well-being

Our journey begins with a real person dedicated to assisting you. Share your to-do list, convert it into actionable tasks, and witness the results while reclaiming precious time for the things that truly count.

Personalized assistance for an unlimited number of home and family tasks.
Access to the Clevertone Network of local professionals, partners, and businesses.
Tailored recommendations for your community.
Support in setting goals for yourself and your family.
In the press

Genuine Support from Real People

Since launch in 2023, Clevertone enhanced productivity for 200+ clients across marketing, sales, support, and operations.


Empowering individuals and organizations with cost-effective, on-demand assistance to enhance productivity and streamline everyday tasks.


Clevertone envisions a future where individuals and businesses achieve their highest potential through seamless support and efficiency.


Clevertone prioritizes client empowerment, innovation, and accessibility, dedicated to building strong client relationships through a skilled and versatile workforce.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Miami, Tel Aviv, Lima, Lisbon, and Mumbai, Clevertone is a global leader serving diverse clients in multiple industries. We're committed to fostering growth and success for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Empowering Businesses and Families

Clevertone helps you get more things done so there’s more time for what matters most to you.

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