Benefits of Delegation: An Ally to focus on what you love

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Johanna R

March 27, 2024

Benefits of Delegation: Free time to focus on what you love

We’ve all been there: wanting to take charge of everything under the assumption that things will result better this way. However, occupying a wide variety of tasks at once is not clever. And above all, it affects your work-life balance heavily. But what if I told you the secret to success isn't working hard, but instead working smart? Today, we will uncover the benefits of delegation and how it is the best ally to focus on what you love.

Why Delegation is important

When you delegate, you not only take weight from your shoulders but also foster a sense of ownership. Moreover, sharing responsibilities with others means the work gets done sooner. 

Delegation is a valuable tool for many aspects of life including personal growth, strategic planning, and professional development.

Benefits of delegation for work-life balance

Delegation is an important skill set in a world in which the pace of life continues to accelerate. It is proven to boost productivity and reduce stress. Yet, there might be a variety of reasons why you are struggling to pass tasks on. 

From lack of trust in others to perform as well as you to the fear of burdening them, there are many reasons preventing you from assigning duties. And the worst part here is you only harm yourself by sinking into a sea of tasks.

Finding work-life balance is probably one of the biggest problems of today’s world. Yet the solution can be as simple as learning to delegate. By consigning tasks that don’t align with your passions or interests, you’re freeing your time for focusing on what matters most and, subsequently, you are:

  • Reducing stress
  • Fostering a healthier work environment
  • Strengthening team relationships
  • Preventing burnout
  • Optimizing time and resources spent 

How to delegate?

Keep in mind that delegation should foster a sense of empowerment, not control. So part of handling tasks to someone else also implies waiting for the outcome and not being behind every movement. If you are new to the practice of delegation, here are some tips for you:

Identify which tasks to pass on

The initial thing to do is identify your delegation targets. Not every task will deserve your valuable time. If you take this into account, assigning such duties to other people will be easier. 

In this step, you should also consider which activities you enjoy doing so you won’t reassign them. Why? Affinity plays an important role in perfectionism. The delegator's perfectionism often comes from giving tasks they enjoyed doing themselves.

So, if you have an activity that makes you happy, don’t reassign it. Let's say for example you love navigating through tour lists for your trip but hate booking flights. You can still focus on picking the tours and pass on the part of buying flight tickets.

Choose the right fit

After deciding which activities to assign, you should select the person who will be in charge of it. Understanding your team members’ talents, preferences, and workload capacity will help you. Keep in mind that matching the right tasks to the right person improves engagement and ultimately results.

Be specific about the task

Make sure to provide a clear view of the task. Your team will most likely provide the expected outcome if they are aware of the expectations. So be as specific as you can.

Give feedback and be appreciative

Feedback is always important to improve the way things are handled in the future. Once the tasks are completed, let’s move to the feedback stage. Here you can congratulate people who have completed a task to your satisfaction or emphasize which aspects to improve.

In the same way, you can ask people how they feel about your delegation style and whether or not your instructions were clear. This will help improve the overall flow.

Delegation is a powerful tool so make sure to use it wisely. We’ve covered why it is important, along with some tips to delegate successfully. But things will not have the best result without the right mindset. Reframe delegation so that it's less about getting rid of stuff from your to-do list and more about supporting you in doing what you love. 

So, that's it. Are you ready to unleash all the benefits of delegation? Through Clevertone’s software you get to make the most of your time by delegating tasks that are not part of your passions or interests.This frees your time to focus on what matters most and conduct your efforts that way.

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